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4 Cold Truths About Hot Women

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There are lots of stereotypes about exceptionally beautiful women. They’re ditzy. They’re vain. They have no brains. They’re gold-diggers. They’re bitchy. And so on. Sure, some are. So are some less attractive women.

As someone who has helped tens of thousands of average guys date beautiful women, here are some crucial rules to live by:

No one is born a supermodel. Even women born with all the natural genetic advantages in the world still have to work hard to make the most of their looks. Spending time at the gym, hairdresser, spa, mall is a choice.

A woman who invests in herself like this isn’t going to be interested in a guy who says that hot women are bitches. What that guy is really saying is that beautiful women have always rejected him. Like we’ve covered in other columns, if you tell a woman that she’s out of your league, she’s going to believe you.

Put another way, if you’re a man, you’re probably learning Love Systems (or reading this column) to get better with women. If you put in the time at the gym to look great, what do you think of a girl who says that guys who work out are jerks?

Repeat after me: “I love being in the presence of beautiful women. I thrive when beautiful women are around.” Internalize those beliefs. And then act on them.

Some men treat beautiful women like they come from another planet, or act like attracting her is like defusing a bomb or picking a lock. They don’t try to relate to her on a normal human level. They should. Most beautiful women don’t want to be put on a pedestal; most just want to be able to laugh and joke around with friends and have a good time and be treated like a person instead of a stereotype.

Of course, most beautiful women have higher standards on average (and less time to develop an interest in, say, your computer game collection), but there’s nothing wrong with standards. Guys who get better with women tend to raise their standards as well.

You are not the Warren Buffett of dating. If you see a hot girl and you want to meet her—trust me, you’re not the first. Or even the 1000th.

What almost every guy—at every party, bar, club and coffee shop in the world—does first is try to work up the courage to approach her. If he does, then he tries to make up something “cool” on the spot to get her attention, which usually falls flat. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to ask question after question to look for things that they have in common…

…and this is why 99 percent of men fail—and when they don’t fail, they know it’s just luck, not skill. That’s why they call it “getting lucky,” which is exactly what it is.

(Love Systems is based on watching what the other one percent of guys do, breaking it down into simple steps that everyone can use and then sharpening it all so it’s much more powerful than what even the best “naturals” do.)

There’s a much better way—check it out here.

It may feel that way sometimes, but beautiful women do not get dressed to go out in public for the sheer pleasure of rejecting men.

Even if she looks busy or like she doesn’t want to meet anyone—if she’s at a bar, club, party or somewhere else where people meet her—you’re not going to get any points for being “respectful.” All you’ll get is a bird’s-eye view when another man approaches her and starts flirting.

Sure, a lot of women will say that they don’t want to meet guys or that the constant attention bothers them. And sometimes it does. But mostly this is just something women have to say or they become easy targets for women who are jealous of them.

Seize the day. You wont regret it.

About the Author:

Back from his latest book tour (for It’s Your Move—dating advice for women brought up to date for the 21st century) The Pickup with Nick Savoy is back in action. Nick Savoy is a professional pickup artist and dating coach for men. Follow him on Twitter @LS_Savoy.

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