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Six “Life Hacks” to boost confidence Now

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This might be controversial, but I’m going to say it anyway: Lack of confidence is like a disease. It’s like a mental illness.

I don’t mean that it affects your brain chemistry the same was as depression or schizophrenia, or that there’s a genetic component to it, or that you need lots of expensive medication. But I DO mean that it can be as debilitating as a mental illness, and that there isn’t one simple cure.

When someone is depressed, telling them to “snap out of it” or “look on the bright side” isn’t going to help, because they can’t.

When someone lacks confidence, telling them to “be confident” or “look at what you have going for you” isn’t going to help, because they can’t.

So if you lack 100% confidence with women, or you know someone who does, read on, because we have six “confidence hacks” coming from one of the inner game masters himself, Derek Cajun. [Continue reading]

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Should you Text or Call her?

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