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Episode 18 of the Love Systems Podcast is now out!

EP018 – Kezia Noble on being a cool guy and overcoming being too nice.

Dating coach, YouTube star, and acclaimed author Kezia Noble joins the show to talk about her background in the industry as well as her take on (1) how to be a cool guy and (2) how to avoid the pitfall of being too “nice.” Kezia has a YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers and a company with more than 20 coaches with a wide array of specialties. You can check out her website and services at www.kezia-noble.com.

Super Conference Documentary Series – Fader on Frame Control

http://www.ls-superconference.com/ … [Continue reading]

Love Systems SuperConference Documentary Series – Older Men & Younger Women (12/16)

Love Systems instructor Bullet explains the dynamic between older men and younger women. http://www.ls-superconference.com/ … [Continue reading]

Episode 17 of the Love Systems Podcast is now out!

EP017 - Cajun on Body Language and Online Dating Famed LS instructor Cajun joins the show to share his expertise on body language and online dating. Cajun is the creator of the notion that men should move and walk as if they are underwater. He … [Continue reading]

NEW Free Webinar and Q&A: “A Taste of SuperConference”

I know a lot of guys have urgent questions about the SuperConference and how it works, so I’ll be covering all of that AND answering your dating questions AND giving away a massive prize to one of the attendees at the … [Continue reading]

June 2015 – What Happened?

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