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Why I do this

So I got a phone call yesterday from a guy I did a two-day one-on-one program with toward the end of December. And an email. The phone call came when I was busy in a meeting, but I glanced at the email when I saw his address and saw “URGENT” written all over the subject line, so I called him back as soon as we got a break.

Turns out this guy has been dating a beautiful and amazing girl the last couple weeks that he met using some specific techniques that we designed just for him. And the night before last, he got all confused because her best friend was hitting on him, with her there. His girlfriend kept talking about threesomes and saying how beautiful her best friend was.

At this point I cut him off with “so, what exactly is the problem here?” :)

Well, the situation was pretty cute. He wasn’t sure if they were really trying to set up a threesome and he didn’t want to risk anything with his girlfriend. Obviously, we didn’t talk much about threesomes during out 1-1, because two minutes of discussion would have pre-empted these questions.

Hint: When your girlfriend talks about how she wants to try a threesome one day, when she talks about how beautiful her best friend is and asks what you think of her, when her best friend is hitting on you in front of your girlfriend and your girlfriend is encouraging her, when both of them are trying to get you drunk….

——-> they want a threesome.

You don’t have to run any fancy techniques. Kiss your girlfriend, kiss the other girl, have the two girls kiss each other. Or talk about the weather. Or draw a picture of a llama on your forehead. It doesn’t matter what you do at this stage, the threesome is on. Get them somewhere private and initiate.

The point of writing this isn’t to make fun of him. I love the guy, and if you’re not used to this kind of situation, it’s always good to get a second opinion (“do they really want this or are they teasing…?”). But I was so completely delighted for him that he found a great girl, and so quickly. This is exactly why I do what I do. Because I’ve been there. I’ve been lonely. And I’ve dated women who I don’t feel are who I really truly absolutely want because I thought they were the best I can do. Both situations suck.

This is what makes things worth it and why I got into this to begin with. All in all, a great boost, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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  1. lol thats so awesome

  2. I am an incredible salesperson. Few people in the world can out do me, and if so, not by much. But I have to believe in what I am selling. Other than my band, myself as a boyfriend, and media that tells the truth, I can’t think of anything else that I could believe in as much.

  3. dr john bender says:

    Werd up, Savoy.

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