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What’s next in the Love Systems’ Interview Series

Sneak peak at the next couple of months of the interview series…

April 2008: Cajun and Tenmagnet on Role-Playing

No, this isn’t sexual role-play. Role-play is actually an amazing attraction tool. I remember the first time I ever tried a role-play – this was a few years ago when I didn’t really know what to do – and I was teasing a woman about us being married, breaking up, dividing our household possessions, getting back together for sex, etc. It’s funny now, since I saw a much better version of this actual role-play in the Love Systems Routines Manual. Even though my delivery was forced – the woman said “I bet you do this to all the girls” – she still ended up kissing me and giving me her number and I was convinced that role-plays would be part of my arsenal from then on.

It’s a special treat to have Cajun and Tenmagnet on this interview together. They have great chemistry and are an amazing store of knowledge. Tenmagnet is one of our most experienced instructors, and Cajun is of course the recent winner of the Keys to the VIP, a pickup/dating show. The great thing about Cajun is that he’s shorter and smaller than most women, and was a student just like yourself only 18 months ago. He took Tenmagnet’s bootcamp, studied and practiced the material, and the rest is history. Here’s some of what was uncovered:

– When to role-play, when not to, and when to stop.
– Our favorite role-plays and why, and how to build your own on the fly.
– The very common and crucial mistake guys make in role-plays.
– How to do a role-play without her or her friends being suspicious.

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May 2008: Rokker, Mr. M, and Braddock on Sticking Points

Everyone has sticking points. Anyone who says that he has “mastered” dating science has no credibility in my book; simple logic tells you that this can’t be true. Sticking points are what allow you to grow – with every sticking point you uncover and solve, your results get better.

This is another bonus “triplet” interview in which you get three top guys instead of the usual two. Rokker, Mr. M, and Braddock have each had to work through a lot of sticking points of their own, and, more importantly, have taught hundreds of students in person and know the most common sticking points and how to fix them – including several you probably didn’t even know you had!

That would make a great interview in itself, but what got us even more excited about this one is their system for identifying and correcting sticking points as an ongoing part of your game, even when there are no instructors or interviews around.

Other topics covered include:

– Common sticking points in Opening, Transitioning, Attraction, Qualification, Comfort, and Seduction and solutions for each.
– “General” sticking points that affect your overall game.
– How to self-identify sticking points and how to solve them.
– Basic vs. advanced sticking points.

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June 2008: Sheriff and Mr. M on High-End Club Game

Meeting women varies depending on where you are. This is why my book Magic Bullets, which is a comprehensive guide to the Love Systems method, has separate chapters for “day game,” strip clubs, social circles, and so on.

One of the most intriguing social environments to meet women is high-end (or “A List”) clubs. This is where you can often find the most beautiful women looking their best, and this is where a successful pickup artist can earn his stripes.

Mr. M and Sheriff, both part-owners of a high-end club promotion business and experienced dating coaches, are uniquely qualified to walk you through the intricacies of applying Love Systems to high-end clubs for amazing results. They know the world of beautiful women at high-end clubs both as dating science professionals who are experienced at seducing them and training other men to seduce them, as well as “from the inside” as promoters. Here’s just some of what they bring to this interview:

– High-end clubs vs. generic clubs and bars.
– The most effective ways to approach at high-end clubs.
– How “pickups” happen at high-end clubs vs. other venues.
– Tips to getting past the line and into the VIP room.
– Approaching on the dance floor – this will surprise you!

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July 2008 and beyond (tentative):

We’re always looking for suggestions for future interview series topics, so email us whatever you’re interested in hearing. (It might be worthwhile to check out the ones we’ve already done first, in the audio catalogue. As of right now, this is what we have scheduled for July-October:

Getting “in state” and staying there.
Gaming “9s” and “10s.”
Female psychology.
College game.

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