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Women are Attracted to Men who wear Red

Here’s something any guy can do – wear red. Or get framed by a red background.

According to the Journal of Experimental Psychology (source), women are more attracted to men wearing or surrounded by red, and are unaware of this effect. And unlike most of the “scientific” studies I bash here, this one was cross-cultural (see below) and had a sample size of more than 8 people. (This one had 288 women involved and tested multiple colors against red)

OK, so what’s so sexy about red?

According to Andrew Elliot, a psychology professor, this goes straight to Status and Wealth, two of the eight attraction switches from the Magic Bullets Handbook. He says that, culturally, red has represented power and wealth in many societies, giving China and Ancient Rome as examples. I’m not sure this makes for a complete explanation, but it’s something to think about. Anyway, at Love Systems (like at nothing to do with sexual attraction, at least in this example. Thanks for coming out nice guy.

hat tip – Five Point Zero

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  1. I would personally vote for "surrounded by red" rather than actually wearing it. A lot of guys can't pull it off — not their fault, it's a skin tone thing.

    Also, all the dates I've been on that have been in low-lit bars with red walls? Yeah… very, very sexy, for the win. I never thought about it before, but perhaps that did add to why I liked them so much.

  2. Thanh Bonsai says:

    That's why all the smart men take it a step further and make their blog red, like you and me.


  3. Good point – wearing red isn't the easiest thing to pull off. Shirts, jackets, ties can handle some red reasonably easily, and shoes or boots if done right. Don't wear red pants unless you want to look like mystery (and then you'll need the goggles and bumblebee hat and furry cape).

    Funny also that women tend to wear a ton of red, and it has no effect on men. I wonder if women wearing red has effects on other women? I doubt it, but it ought to have been included in the study for completeness' sake.

  4. SerulRaze says:

    How interesting,
    I guess I'll start wearing more red then…
    I remember a few years ago reading an article on how it works when women wear red.
    this wasn't it, but it seems to illustrate what I was saying:

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