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Instructor Bundles!

Lots of guys who subscribe to the interview series want to know how to get the old volumes before their subscription started. (The are 56 volumes already!)

Of course, you can just get them individually – they’re $40 each. But that’s a bit annoying if you’re used to getting them for $24.99 (plus other bonuses) as a subscriber. That’s why, back in the day, we started with the “Bulk Packs” – you can get interviews 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, or 41-50, at $29 per interview (when you get all ten).

That’s all old news and background. Here’s what’s new:

For fun, we’re trying out “instructor bundles”. We picked a half-dozen instructors, and set up discounted bundles for their stuff. So instead of getting, say, volumes 1-10, you can get Jeremy Soul or Cajun on…well, on each of their favorite topics.

Here’s what we got so far:

(If there’s a different instructor bundle you’d like to see, or different types of bundles, don’t blame me — that’s all run by Ms. Katie, Love Systems Employee extraordinaire. Send her a message on twitter @LS_Katie or send a contact form)

You’ll notice this is all on our eBay store and not on LoveSystems.com. It’s just easier to try something like this on eBay (setting it up on LS.com would have taken a while). But if this is popular, I’ll make sure it gets introduced on the main Love Systems (formerly Mystery Method Corp) website.

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