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I’m going to try to mix in some shorter, bite-sized chunks of dating advice in here too, as well as the longer article and random gossip. If you like your dating advice in small-chunk form, be sure to follow me on twitter (LS_Savoy)

You cannot keep an exceptionally beautiful woman interested in you for very long unless you have a coherent and convincing IDENTITY.This identity has to be interesting and attractive to her, but also compatible with who you really are.

What is your identity? How would she describe you in one sentence to her friends? “Amazing” or “great” doesn’t count — how would she explain who you ARE? Are you the rich guy, the surfer guy, the Italian guy, the outdoorsy guy, the bartender guy, etc.?

Top pick up artists and dating coaches Tenmagnet and Future cover this more in the packed interview on identity — listen to the first 10 minutes for free.


  1. I just downloaded the interview, fucking amazing this is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is being a pick up artist a good identity? How do you guys do it?

  3. Dude please change the background color or font color…I can barely read shit! lol

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