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Guest Post: Picking up Latina Women

There’s nothing worse than going home after a completely unsuccessful date with a girl.

For so many years, men from all over the world have been screwing it up with some of the most beautiful women on the planet: Latinas

And of course, all the advanced techniques to pick up and seduce women can work, but there are some cultural facts that you need to understand so you don’t end up turning these women off instantly.

After coaching seduction skills in Latin America for more than 5 years I realized there are several cultural differences that men from all over the world need to understand. These women are very different from females from other cultures. There are quite a few unique advantages and disadvantages to dating them, but to name a few: Latin women are hot, fiery, clingy, tender and very passionate in bed. They love taking care of their man, but are scared by the idea that another woman could be taking care of his needs too.
So, here are three recommendations that will help you be successful with these babes:

1. One of the challenges with Latin women is that, they are flaky as hell. It’s a cultural fact.
Culture teaches them to be like that, because they live in a society that, as a whole, doesn’t place a lot of important being on time or showing up. For example, when we, Latin people, agree to an appointment we usually reconfirm many times! It’s because something can happen later, you know, maybe there’s another more important meeting. I know it sucks, but that’s just the way the culture is. And that doesn’t mean I agree with it… I don’t. Also, when someone says “let’s meet at 4pm”, it usually means “4:30pm”.

If you invite a Latina out and she says something along the lines of, “sure, call me later to reconfirm”, there’s a high probability of flakiness.

They do it all the time, they’ve really developed the art of keeping their options open, they tell several different guys the same thing (i.e. “sure, call me later to confirm”) so that way they can choose the best option later.

So, if you hear that answer when you invite a Latina out just say something like this with a friendly tone of voice, “Hey, it would be cool to go out with you, but I want to get my plans for tonight set soon. Let’s just confirm now… otherwise I’ll invite another friend”.

That’s the best you can do, otherwise you have a big risk of finding her flaking minutes before the date.

2. As you may suspect, most Latin women are so used to dancing Salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton and those kinds of dances that may seem foreign or weird to you.

And the weird thing is that we, Latin people, actually enjoy dancing that stuff :-s
Something that Latin women complain about a lot is going out on a date with a guy who just sits around all night and doesn’t dance. Within no time at all, they become really frustrated. They hate it!

I know you are probably not an expert salsa dancer but I’m sure you can at least move a little bit with Reggaeton or electronic music. Also, if you are on a date you can just tell her you want to learn “merengue”, which is the easiest one. She’ll be happy to teach you.

The thing is that you shouldn’t sit around all night. Seriously! Give her the opportunity to share her culture with you dancing a bit. She’d rather seem you dance really bad than not at all… you just need to have fun with it.

You don’t have to stay all night on a Latin club. As a matter of fact it’s not a good idea to stay in the same place all night. So take her to many bars (one of them could be the Latin club so you can dance a bit) and it’ll be more likely to be a successful date.

3. If you are at a Latin club and want to pick up a girl, do not ask a Latina to dance until you determine she‘s showing some interest. Trust me, if she‘s cute enough, she would have been asked to dance at least 7 times by desperate Latin guys before you did (Latin guys dance very well; that’s their number 1 strategy to pick up women), and it‘s a very boring situation for her. At the same time, she would connect you unconsciously with the other non-attractive guys that asked her to dance, so her answer to it would be ― ”I‘m tired”, or “my ankle hurts”, or “I‘ll dance later”. So, wait until she notices you and shows some interest, then it will be the perfect time to ask her to dance.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed the article I wrote for my friends at Love Systems. If you want to master the art of understanding and seducing Latin women, you can download completely free the report that shows 8 Keys to attract them and seduce them easily here:

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Your Latin friend,
Esteban Lara

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  1. I downloaded the document and stopped reading this “report” when this paragraph came up:

    They are from a culture that was trampled on until just 200 years ago by the Spanish, who used to rape the women and kill the men.

    This is thrown around so casually and it’s historically so imprecise that I shouldn’t even have to point it out. Killings in South America by Spaniards have been greatly exaggerated, most killings were done between warring factions, (against Aztecs for example), or unfortunately by infectious disease.

    Regarding women, any woman would be quick to substitute men with spears for men with horses and guns. No need for much rape. Pure female hypergamy.

  2. i look forward to the release of 11 essentials…

  3. cheez avenger says:

    Cream, you really need to get your facts straight, brah.

  4. Johnny Logic says:

    Cream there was no Holocaust & slavery never existed in the U.S.A. either.

  5. Whyre you guys attacking Cream? I don’t see you giving any evidence otherwise. He seems to have made a good point.

  6. Man, this guy is so full of bullshit. Its the same picking up women here (im also Colombian) or anywhere else. This guy took the old mystery method and translated it to spanish and now proclaims himself an expert.

    • i must HUGELY disagree with you. picking up women in columbia IS NOT the same as picking them up anywhere. latina women view someone using the mystery method as corny.. its a cultural thing.

  7. I dont know if youre the moderator Savoy, i hope you are so you see this message. This guy is a joke, he basically translated mistery method into spanish

  8. latina girls are so ghetto. and theyre only attracted to thugs.

  9. Honestly this is the weakest, least specific article on Latin women I’ve ever read, and I just read like 10 articles! hahahah you suck dude

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