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PUA Online Game Q&A: Ask me or Cajun anything…

A couple years ago, I approached Keys to the VIP winner “Derek Cajun” to do a big research / investigation project for us. I wanted him to take the powerful Love Systems approach and see how it adapted to online game….dating sites, facebook, etc.

Cajun was definitely the right guy for this. He’s not good-looking (neither am I) and online game meant that he couldn’t use one of his biggest advantages – his total mastery over body language and non-verbal communication. (That’s why he did so well on the Beyond Words Body Language course). Boil that down and you’ve got a smart guy who knows Love Systems well, but who doesn’t have any obvious advantages. That’s important when we try to make something teachable or reproduceable…your natural advantages are a bonus and you should try to leverage them as much as possible, but we don’t assume you have any natural advantages when you learn our stuff. That way, we’re sure it can work for everyone.

Anyway, what Cajun turned up will probably surprise and impress the hell out of you as it did me and fellow Love Systems instructors. Obviously, we’re going to share those results and the complete how-to in Derek Cajun’s upcoming book The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Game. But we’re going to get some of them out to you even sooner than that – in a FREE conference call and Q&A this week.

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Make sure you submit your question in advance — we have 700 lines reserved, and the last time Cajun and I did a call, they were all reserved well in advance of the call.

Talk to you this week!


  1. There is a girl i really like and get on really well but she is a Lesbian, Does that mean I have no chance of her liking me or is there a way ?


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