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Day Game Field Report / Lay Report from the Lounge

Reposted with permission from the Love Systems Lounge. It’s long, so we’re going to do this in a few parts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was doing Day Game and I usually go with direct aka Soul style. The result was pretty alright, the ratio of blow outs and sets hooking is getting smaller now but by this point I was really tired, couldn’t be bothered to do anything else and then I saw this blonde girl with blue eyes dress in black top and black trousers and without thinking and I just went straight in and deliver my opener and keeping in mind to have slight pause in my opener. It hooked, I could tell from her expression that this is going to be a fun conversation. (Just a side note, I was so tired at this point, my speech starts to slow down as well which actually help me like…A LOT!)

I ran the Triad but concentration on Day game so I know qualify her more but along the course of the interaction I throw in some Attraction –something I’ve learnt from Mr.M, basically feeling the cup- All this while I never done Storytelling before but recently I’ve been reading over Magic Bullets again and I decided to do short Attraction Storytelling as well. Here’s a rough interaction between me and her. Can’t remember most of it because I mostly say gibberish and made things along the way

Me: Excuse me, I was just on my way to meet my friend and I saw you… I had to come over and say hi…. I think you look absolutely adorable, I had to find out more about you.
She: Haha Thank you
Me: Let me guess, you’re on your way to do some shopping *just doing cold read to see what she was doing at that time and I got more info
She: Yes I’m getting present for my friends new home

*some fluff talk later*
*I qualify her a lot, I cannot remember most of it but is mostly fluff talk but along the line I qualify her with “Are you adventurous? Are you a good friend?”

Me: What do you do for fun? You give me the vibe that you like to party.

I did a bit of story telling about my life and try to hit as many attraction switches as possible

I told her what I did for fun and I’m competing in a tournament this Sunday and have a meeting with girl on Tuesday

I eventually made up a story of an ex girlfriend which obviously I do not have and because it’s not true I didn’t dwell into that story much, I just throw it out there and move to a real and more meaningful story

*Cannot remember her response*

Eventually I found out that she is from Denmark for work placement and she’s only going to be here for another 2 weeks and I basically had some commonality and we talk a bit more, she told me she got no friends here and didn’t go out a lot and this is where I suggest we go out and have coffee –she said she never been to starbucks?!! Got an actual day planned, I first suggested Sunday, she said she was going London on that day and I told her Tuesday evening and I number close her

Me: We definitely need to go out and have coffee together
She: Sure, why not
Me: Ok, whats your number?
She: Oh, I don’t know my number

*At this point I thought, she’s not going to give me her number and that was it, the interaction is ending at any moment now.

She: give me your number so I can text you my number

We stayed and chat for while more, more fluff talk. And eventually we say goodbye and I told her I will call her this weekend.

20 minutes later I sent her a quick text

Me: “hey, another good present idea, bean bag couch :-) your friend will love it

15 mins later

She: hey. Yes good idea

30 minutes later she text me again

She: sorry, it’s a little embarrassing, but what was your name?
Me: It’s ________. You’re in so much trouble how’s the present hunting?
She: Ok, thanks No, I gave up hope to find it another day

*and I left at that for that day

Yesterday I text her again in the morning, did call back humour, I made a little joke on her about Swedish.

“Good morning Swedish on the way to training and saw good place to buy your present. IKEA! How’s your day? Don’t give up

I sent the text at 10am and no reply till 3PM

She: Hey I had not seen your message until now. Hehe this is actually Denmark Ikea was a good idea, where is it gone? I have a nice day, im just on my way home from work. What about your day?

*a few back and forth but basically a bit humour and call back just thought she would not forget me, don’t want her to flake on day 2. We send more text and I was actually trying to push the text a little sexualise but she wasn’t good in her English so she didn’t understand, but I might be wrong in the wording itself

She: Yep I have no wild plans for today.

Me: I’ll make sure when we meet, were gonna have a wild one, unleash the animal in you, can you handle that? I like girls who knows how to have fun

*ok I know, I cringe as well reading this

She: Haha Im not sure I know what you mean, but it sounds fun but I had actually thought of taking a cup of coffee together? ;-)

Me: I was talking about coffee. What were you thinking you naughty girl. I know an awesome starbucks, best couch ever

She: I think you misunderstand me, my English skill is not very good! well, its sounds just great when we do it

*so I arrange to meet next Tuesday

Now here’s my question.

What can I do from now till then to make sure the date doesn’t flake?

How can I push it further? I have a feeling if I can lead, I can push further, and she seems to be up for anything, the problem is I don’t know how, should I sexualise the text, should I call her in the weekend.

I have logistic problem as well, I live in another city and she lives in ________ at the moment.

All advice and critique is appreciated, hope to hear from you guys

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tune in for the next post where we’ll repost Mr M’s advice – and then what happened next

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  1. I love that you’re posting lounge material here. I can’t wait to take a bootcamp with you and get in there myself!

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