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Letters from crazy people – too many women

It’s been a while since we’ve good installment of letters from crazy people. Fortunately, Mr M got one recently and he was kind enough to share with us.

(Speaking of Mr M., the final post on his student’s field report will be coming in the next couple days)

Hey Mr. M,

You claim that Nick Savoy is the best. That is good to know. But what
does Nick Savoy recommend to someone like me who is getting more
attention from women than he can bear? Women do everything to get my
attention, like claiming that there is something wrong with my
invoice, so they can get to speak to me, they kiss me on the mouth
saying it is an accident, and there are even civil servants who want
to see me even though they have nothing to tell me, phycisians, vets,
cleaners, waitresses, women of all ages and social standing want to be
close to me. I even get marriage proposals by women through e-mail,
even though they have never seen me in real life or even a picture of
me. They even fight each other for who gets to be close to me. You
understand? I am drowning in women! And whatever I do, they just won’t
go away and won’t leave me alone. I have no idea what I do to make
women behave that way. So you understand that I am desperately in need
of advice from a real expert on this matter, to get rid of women
without ruining my reputation. Please help me!

Yours truly,

[Name withheld]

It’s too easy to make fun of this so I won’t even try. But…I love the reference to “civil servants”. There’s nothing like the DMV lady to bring to mind instant sex appeal.

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  1. Stefin Star says:

    You have a date to meet cop lady at the Municpal Court House on or before July 14th. High 5

  2. I dunno if this counts as a comment, but there’s a really funny conversation about this post on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/lovesystems/posts/395691853796302

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