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Long-term relationship interview series is up!

The new interview on long-term relationship – Volume 76 (!) – in the interview series is up! This one has two veteran instructors, Cajun and Future.

Cajun of course is the author of the Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating and winner of Keys to the VIP. Future is the creator of “Breakthrough Comfort” and writes Futuristic Words, one of the most interesting dating and seduction sites out there. And of course, both are great bootcamp instructors. Both have been voted in the top 5 dating coaches and pick up artists in the world every year for the last four years (except Future once, when he slipped to #7…but he’s also got a #1 in there, and out of hundreds, #7 is still pretty damn good).

Check out the interview on long-term relationships (like at the top of this post), and, while you do, check out the all-new catalogue by clicking the link below. If you can’t find your sticking point in here, you’re not looking hard enough (or you need to tell us!)

Love Systems Sticking Points and Instant Solutions

On that note, this year’s PUA SuperConference will have a module on long-term relationships and how to get a girlfriend. (And a parallel module on getting one-night stands, lol…)


  1. Chris Dean says:

    I was wanting for you guys to do one of these.

  2. Major M says:

    How many volumes are you going to do?

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