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How to attract beautiful women in 2013

Happy New Year everyone!  Got some stuff that you guys should check out:


NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE – Free Webinar on the 5 Secrets of Attraction, with live Q&A and infield video

This really is something special we’re doing this coming week.  Normally it’s the kind of thing I can only do for my private clients, but we’re making an exception for this one.  We’ve got 500 lines set up, so grab yours now.  It’s free.  We’re going to cover content that’s not available anywhere else.  We’re going to watch infield video and cover what the guys are doing right and doing wrong, so you can upgrade your skills.  I’m also going to be answering live questions.  Normally ,y phone consultation rates are up to $500/hr, so this is a definitely pretty fun.   I’m doing two of these this coming week, but that’s it, so sign up now:



New Years Resolutions

It’s not too late to make (or revise) your new year’s resolutions.  Especially if getting a girlfriend, being more successful with women, or having more options and better options in your dating life are part of your goals for the year.  Check out my guide to guaranteed new year’s resolutions to get the girl in 2013.

A lot of guys do the wrong things when they’re trying to get better with women.  Don’t be one of them.



Dating Advice in Playboy Magazine

A few new articles have come out in their “The Pick Up” series that are worth a read.  If you like them, make sure to vote them high, comment on them, share/tweet/like/+1/etc.  That tells Playboy that you want more stuff like this :)  Here’s a list to all of their “The Pick Up” columns.  New ones come out every second Thursday usually, so the next one should be January 17th.


Dating Coach Vox Tours the UK


If you’re in the UK and want to get a taste of Love Systems without waiting for the next bootcamp or day game workshop, then check out Dave Vox’s one-night miniseminar tour.  Starts January 7th!  Click the link below:



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  1. Emotionally Unavailable Men says:

    Love how you collected articles and offered a resource pool for guys! I always respect what Playboy has to say.
    I think that picking up women is all about making them feel safe with you while at the same time unnerving them sexually.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    I wonder what’s the update or feedback on Vox’s program.

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