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How to Get Women – 10 Important Things to Know

Just wrote this post up on how to get women. It’s intro-level but should be a great refresher for a lot of people.

Plan the Perfect Date

New PUA video — can you tell I’m hungover? :)

That was a pretty good conference call Q&A teleseminar last week…

Must’ve been if people are writing reviews of it:http://www.theattractionforums.com/love-systems-reviews/135262-social-circle-mastery-conference-call.html

All-new local forums

Everyone loves The Attraction Forums — it’s the largest free dating advice site for men and full of great material stretching back to 2005. But if there’s anything people have wanted to improve about it, it’s that it’s so big, with literally hundreds of thousands of members. That’s great if you want a question answered […]