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Online Dating Mastery – listen to the audio version of Cajun’s course!

Cajun just recorded an audio book version of the Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating. Listen to an excerpt by clicking the link below: Online Dating Audiobook

How to find and date beautiful women on dating sites and Facebook

A lot of men think that it’s a lot harder to find and date quality women online than it really is. Of course, that’s one of the major themes of the Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating (released today). If you haven’t had a chance to get the book now, or you’ll still sifting through all [...]

Derek Cajun’s online dating secrets on TV! [VIDEO]

Derek Cajun, winner of Keys to the VIP, was recently on one of America’s top morning shows to share some of his secrets about online dating. Check it out:

The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating (VIDEO)

ignore that previous post – I can’t even remember the name of Derek Cajun’s new book! (In my defense, we went through a million different name options before we picked this one). Anyway, the title should be right this time: The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating. A little video about the book…

The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Game

the new book by Derek Cajun now has its own web page, videos, trailers, and advice section. Check it out here – The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Game. And the book doesn’t even go on sale until next Thursday, January 26th…

PUA Online Game Q&A: Ask me or Cajun anything…

A couple years ago, I approached Keys to the VIP winner “Derek Cajun” to do a big research / investigation project for us. I wanted him to take the powerful Love Systems approach and see how it adapted to online game….dating sites, facebook, etc. Cajun was definitely the right guy for this. He’s not good-looking [...]