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Getting Started – Seduction

On Seduction You enter the seduction phase after you and her have spent (usually) at least a few hours together, but not more than about 10. Seduction is a pretty easy element in itself. It goes wrong for a lot of guys, but this is because of mistakes in comfort that only become apparent when […]

Get a One Night Stand

(Read the original article here.) Braddock on Same-Night Potential Love Systems expert Nick Braddock (who was on the Tyra Banks show with me) posted a great article a while ago in the Love Systems Lounge.   (The Lounge is a free, private, online community of Love Systems experts and advanced students. You can only get in […]

Vercetti on Harnessing your Sexual Desire

Like this post. http://www.theattractionforums.com/general-discussion/141308-harnessing-your-sexual-desire.html

Keychain on Rapid Escalation, part 3 of 3

This follows from part 1 and part 2 — previous videos where Love Systems Master Instructor Keychain explains and demonstrates some of his techniques of rapid escalation (touching). These all come from the Beyond Words Body Language and Physical Escalation DVD Course.

Keychain on Compliance and Escalation

This follows from part 1, posted earlier. Again, straight from the Beyond Words DVD set. You can find lots of Love Systems videos on the Love Systems YouTube Channel.

PUA Body Language, Kino, Physical Escalation, part II

OK, everyone can stop emailing me now. I’m posting these as fast as I can. For more pickup and seduction video, head over to Love Systems on Youtube. Here’s part II of Vercetti on Body Language.