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The Toronto Star covers Tenmagnet’s bootcamp

(Read the original article here.) Chris Shepherd stands at the front of a small hotel boardroom preaching the gospel of pickup artistry to six 20-something lads who have come seeking transformation. As they feverishly transcribe his words onto hotel stationary, Shepherd, his mop of curly hair strewn, his untucked shirt peeking out beneath his sweater, […]

Tenmagnet / Chris Shepherd on Inner Game and Confidence

This post has been getting a lot of buzz so be sure to check it out and comment — Tenmagnet Inner Game and Confidence.    Thought Magnet is a good block to check out and subscribe to anyway, so definitely worth a few clicks.  -NS

Get this RIGHT NOW – FREE section from upcoming Date! course

The Date! Course is coming on August 16th.  Produced by no fewer than THREE master instructors (Nick Hoss, Vercetti, and Mr M) and with the inestimable assistance of Von Pounders and others, Date! is more than a book – it’s a complete home study course.  Three separate books, a workbook to test and keep track […]

New video from Tenmagnet (Chis Shepherd) and Derek Cajun!

The best example of re-framing that I’ve ever heard

Understanding frames, framing, and reframing is crucial.  Jon Sinn (a former PUA) called the interview he did with me on framing “the most important topic we’ll ever cover.”  I don’t know if I 100% agree – I think the interviews on female psychology, on how to be an alpha male and advanced attraction:push/pull are equally […]

Organic / Natural Conversation

Mastering the art of natural conversation by Gil Rio   One of the greatest recent advances in dating science has been making interactions more organic and natural. Questions about this process come up often among our students. I hope this article helps clarify the issue. If you were around the dating community a few years […]