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The best example of re-framing that I’ve ever heard

Understanding frames, framing, and reframing is crucial.  Jon Sinn (a former PUA) called the interview he did with me on framing “the most important topic we’ll ever cover.”  I don’t know if I 100% agree – I think the interviews on female psychology, on how to be an alpha male and advanced attraction:push/pull are equally […]

Long-term relationship interview series is up!

The new interview on long-term relationship – Volume 76 (!) – in the interview series is up! This one has two veteran instructors, Cajun and Future. Cajun of course is the author of the Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating and winner of Keys to the VIP. Future is the creator of “Breakthrough Comfort” and writes […]

Dates that lead to sex, in three minutes, six seconds

After about 12 hours of recording extra material for the Super Conference 2010 DVDs (out in a couple months), we recorded a few 2-3 minute clips on different dating advice topics. So, yeah, I have a right to look exhausted, damnit! This video gives a lot of the basics for planning a successful date. For […]


I’m going to try to mix in some shorter, bite-sized chunks of dating advice in here too, as well as the longer article and random gossip. If you like your dating advice in small-chunk form, be sure to follow me on twitter (LS_Savoy) You cannot keep an exceptionally beautiful woman interested in you for very […]

Future on Qualification

Check out this video of Future (the #1 pickup artist in the world of 2009) at the Love Systems Super Conference last year. Qualification is one of the tougher subjects to learn and master. But it’s really important — you can’t ignore it. (That’s why we did two full interviews on it — Qualification with […]

Revisiting Beatrice

As you can imagine, I get a lot of emailed questions asking for dating advice. Most I don’t have time to answer. (My apologies; it’s just not possible in a world where I get 30-40 of these per day). I recommend The Attraction Forums (free) or a Phone Consultation with an expert Love Systems instructor […]