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Great Post on Observational Transitions

As you probably know, the concept of “Transitioning” is a relatively new breakthrough. I first hinted at it in the first interview, but it was in Magic Bullets that it got released in easily-usable form for the first time. By the way, I want to stay away from the ridiculous path of claiming to “invent” […]

The new guys step up…

A couple of new instructors have recently graduated from training and passed into our ranks. I’ll have more details about them and their stories later, but I wanted to point out some of the immediate impact a couple of them have made in The Attraction Forums. We’ll have a couple more to introduce next week […]

Speaking of new instructors…

Today is the first of a couple of exciting announcements on this score. Introducing Rokker, someone we’ve had our eye on for at least a year. Without further ado… Rokker had some success with women before discovering Love Systems, but his first bootcamp (as a student) was a major eye-opener. He was blown away by […]