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Uncensored: The Real Story of The Real Savoy

It’s a free, no-obligation, no-credit-card, book of about 130 pages of some of my personal techniques for picking up beautiful women, field reports, and some random nonsense. Kind of like this blog. All posts were based on original posts from this The Real Savoy blog. Get it here: http://www.LoveSystems.com/UNcensored

Nick Savoy PUA, or how some of us got funny names

A lot of people who are new to Love Systems ask me why we all have odd names, like “Savoy” or “Future” or “The Don”. It’s a good question, because, let’s be honest, those names are kind of silly. So how did it happen this way? The short answer is that Love Systems has been […]

Why I do this

So I got a phone call yesterday from a guy I did a two-day one-on-one program with toward the end of December. And an email. The phone call came when I was busy in a meeting, but I glanced at the email when I saw his address and saw “URGENT” written all over the subject […]


So Element was fun. It was good to get out. A friend of mine, whom I call Arcmaster for reasons I won’t trouble anyone with, knows one of the promoters there. His game is getting good, though he’s making the usual intermediate mistakes. He’s too negative at first, and then gives too many unjustified compliments. […]