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Become a Dating Coach / Become a Pick Up Artist Instructor – 5 rules to live by

With the Pick Up Artist SuperConference around the corner, I’m getting a lot of questions about how to become a professional dating coach or a pick up artist instructor. The SuperConference is where we do all of our hiring/firing/promotions/etc., so from September to November every year, staffing is a huge topic of conversation.  The official […]

Last Chance to Get in the (Free) Video Library for PUA SuperConference

As you probably know, the PUA SuperConference site had added an iron-bolted super secure “video library” this year for guys who are attending the SuperConference this October. What you might not know is that on a space- and geography-available basis, we’re letting members of the Love Systems see some of these videos too. Actual footage […]

Love Systems is hiring (Full time opportunities, Los Angeles CA)

Originally posted here The Company Love Systems is the world’s largest dating science and coaching company. Our objective is to help men succeed with women. Our fundamental philosophy is to put client success first – always. This means we work tirelessly to produce the best knowledge, provide the most effective coaching and protect client privacy. […]

Pick up Artist Dating SuperConference is coming…

Every March the top pick up artists and dating coaches in the world start planning for the once-per-year Pick up artist SuperConference. We’re putting together the the agenda and speaker / trainer / instructor list now, but you can already see the preliminary direction this year’s SuperConference is taking. A heavy focus on news-you-can-use…so fewer […]

Project Rockstar 2012

I’ll have more on this in a bit, but just a quick heads up that Project Rockstar 2012 is going ahead. It’s a multi-week program with about $150,000 of professional training – but it’s free (and by application only). Deadline is in a couple weeks, so check it out now at the Project Rockstar website. […]

FREE SHIPPING – making a virtue of a necessity

The part of the shopping cart on the Love Systems website that calculates and charges shipping on phyiscal products doesn’t seem to be working. Right now the shopping cart has appeared to decide that we ship around the world, express, for free. Since I can’t actually DO anything about this other than submitting a tech […]