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Episode 8 of the Love Systems Podcast is now out!

Hootie interviews Justin Stenstrom, the founder of Giving Shy Guys Game, about his budding business and his special approach to working with shy guys. Justin Stenstrom was a shy guy growing up. Like many of us, he was too timid to talk to girls, and was repeatedly either put in the friend zone or rejected [...]

The Toronto Star covers Tenmagnet’s bootcamp

(Read the original article here.) Chris Shepherd stands at the front of a small hotel boardroom preaching the gospel of pickup artistry to six 20-something lads who have come seeking transformation. As they feverishly transcribe his words onto hotel stationary, Shepherd, his mop of curly hair strewn, his untucked shirt peeking out beneath his sweater, [...]

HuffPost Love And Sex Podcast: Dating Offline In An Online World

(Read the original article here.) From the emergence of the professional pick-up artist to the resurgence of old school matchmakers, an entire industry has developed to handle something human beings used to be able to navigate on their own: the dating scene. This raises an interesting question: Has the rise of the Internet and the [...]

Want To Easily Get a Threesome? Follow These Simple Tips

(Read the original article here) A lot of guys think that it’s very hard to get a threesome, or they have no idea how to get a threesome. One of the most common questions I get from advanced clients, after they’ve mastered the Love Systems approach to meet and attract beautiful women, is how can [...]

Top 5 Mistakes Men Make With Women

(Read the original article here.) Top 5 Mistakes Men Make with Women Nick Savoy, is a Master Instructor with Love Systems and a professional dating coach. Since 2004, he’s helped over 10,000 men – mostly “average guys” – meet and attract beautiful women. Today we asked him an important question: before they come to Love [...]

New Playboy column is up!


This is on confidence – and some news you can use to project confidence to the women you meet. Playboy Pick Up Artist Column – Savoy on Confidence Please like / comment / tweet etc. on the post!