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Want To Easily Get a Threesome? Follow These Simple Tips

(Read the original article here) A lot of guys think that it’s very hard to get a threesome, or they have no idea how to get a threesome. One of the most common questions I get from advanced clients, after they’ve mastered the Love Systems approach to meet and attract beautiful women, is how can [...]

Top 5 Mistakes Men Make With Women

(Read the original article here.) Top 5 Mistakes Men Make with Women Nick Savoy, is a Master Instructor with Love Systems and a professional dating coach. Since 2004, he’s helped over 10,000 men – mostly “average guys” – meet and attract beautiful women. Today we asked him an important question: before they come to Love [...]

New Playboy column is up!


This is on confidence – and some news you can use to project confidence to the women you meet. Playboy Pick Up Artist Column – Savoy on Confidence Please like / comment / tweet etc. on the post!

I have a column in Playboy!


Check it out at the link – this should be the first of many. Tell Playboy that you want more Love Systems articles by voting it high, sharing/liking/etc. Leave a comment too! http://www.playboy.com/playground/advice/the-pick-up-with-nick-savoy-top-5-mistakes- Speaking of Playboy, they just did an article about the Love Systems PUA Bootcamps too: http://www.playboy.com/playground/entertainment/culture/learning-the-lines-a-weekend-with-the-pick-up-artists -Nick

Do Looks Matter: More Videos from Hangover Day

FIrst Hookup Using Love Systems!

More fun in today’s inbox. Keep these coming, guys. Or better still, post them publicly (on any message board of forum about dating or self-improvement). Love Systems is a word-of-mouth group, so posting reviews (good or bad) and telling your friends lets other people make good choices and find what they need. Everyone wins. Hey [...]