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More Body Language and Physical Escalation Video Commentary

So people want to see more commentary about how people are using the powerful “non-verbal” (body language, kino, escalation, voice and tonality) elements from the Beyond Words Home Study Course? No problem. I found a couple more.

Beyond Words the people speak!

Thursday’s video from the Beyond Words DVD Body Language and Physical Escalation home study course definitely caused a stir. I talked to Keychain, and it looks like we’re going to be able to get more. So stay tuned to this blog over the next few weeks. Of course, this handful of video clips is nothing [...]

Daytime Dating Reviewed by Girls Gone Wild

One of the newest mainstream reviews of Jeremy Soul‘s powerful new book Daytime Dating. The full article and actual pages of the magazine are available here: Girls Gone Wild Reviews Daytime Dating Excerpt Follows: —– The Art of the Pick-Up When most people think of “pick up artists,” they think of cheesy lines, cheesier outfits, [...]

What does the Times of London say about dating and Love Systems?

A fairly longish article (I was a bit nervous when the writer told me how much they chopped up) about one guy’s experiences at a Love Systems bootcamp a few months ago. That was the same bootcamp that I sat in on to review some potential new instructors (and how Farmer and Micha ended up [...]

Women are Attracted to Men who wear Red

Here’s something any guy can do – wear red. Or get framed by a red background. According to the Journal of Experimental Psychology (source), women are more attracted to men wearing or surrounded by red, and are unaware of this effect. And unlike most of the “scientific” studies I bash here, this one was cross-cultural [...]

Once you get her home – the environment matters

Back when I was teaching more 1-1s (individualized training), for advanced clients I would often include a bonus hour or so at my home. We’d go over all of the little things that make the difference between a successful seduction and last minute resistance, from what drinks to keep around to lighting to physical layout, [...]