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Attractive Girls Union Refuses to Talk with Mike Greenman

Life without Love Systems:

Three observations on TV…

Off-topic Saturday. So my girlfriend and I were channel flipping the other day, and the description for some episode of a crime show, I forget which one, Law & Order or Cold Case or something, was “Unattractive woman is murdered”. Which led to three thoughts: 1. Was the regular caption guy sick that day? 2. […]

Letters from crazy people – too many women

It’s been a while since we’ve good installment of letters from crazy people. Fortunately, Mr M got one recently and he was kind enough to share with us. (Speaking of Mr M., the final post on his student’s field report will be coming in the next couple days) Hey Mr. M, You claim that Nick […]

7 Things Men don’t care about but MIGHT listen to if they think they’re getting laid afterward

I was doing some light edits and updates to the Savoy, Uncensored book, and it struck me — I’ve spent a lot of time in nightclubs, and a lot of that time has been spent with hot women of greatly varying intelligence and personality. I’ve met amazing women in my life and wouldn’t change anything, […]

Barter/Intern Opportunity

Need a graphic designer to do a few high-quality banners ASAP. Got other needs too for a skilled designer. Can live/work anywhere as long as you produce good stuff. Email me (there’s a little mail icon on this blog) with a couple samples. We’re looking to trade Love Systems products for the right person.

New intern intake

We try to rotate our internships around so everyone gets a chance. At the end of October, we end the current intern cycle. So if you’re interested in intern opportunities either check out the Intern Announcement Board or shoot me an email with what it is you can do to help Love Systems and what […]