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You meet her. You like each other. You get her phone number. You call. She doesn’t answer. You leave a voicemail. Except you shouldn’t. Two of the best dating coaches in the world, Braddock (ranked #2 in 2010) and Mr M go into a lot of depth in the Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text […]

How to get her phone number

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Getting Phone Numbers "Indirectly" – a question

There was a question on The Lounge (which used to be called “Mystery’s Lounge“) about the technique I used to get the phone number “indirectly” from a hottie in a field report posted on this blog: The Ridiculously Awesome Week Anyway, I thought I’d include some of that conversation here for some readers who haven’t […]

Happy Fourth of July!

(A date which no relevance outside the USA, but the text game technique I’m about to talk about does…) On the day of any big event or holiday, mass-text all the women in your phone something generic like Happy New Year. “Happy Fourth” works fine for today. Keep it simple. It’s “Happy Fourth” not “Happy […]

Phone and Text Game as Hardcover / Paper & Printed book

So as the ridiculously-popular Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game by Braddock and Mr M continues spread through word of mouth, friends telling friends about the book, and so on…we’re getting lots of new people joining the Love Systems community… …and some of those guys aren’t used to getting the latest information on how […]

Look Who’s Talking about Phone and Text Game

The Pickup Artist news of the day continues to be all about the Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game, by Braddock and Mr M. This is the biggest and longest buzz I can remember about a new develop in dating and seduction since the first Routines Manual was released. Just ask Mack Tight, who […]