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Post-SuperConference thoughts

Even though the PUA SuperConference is at heart about how to get women, it’s becoming clear as the Love Systems community grows and evolves that our system applies to so many areas of life. Work, career, friends, family, even just general happiness and that feeling you get when you are completely comfortable in your skin [...]

After the PUA World SuperConference

Alright, so far so good on the new blog. I’ll have to get used to wordpress and maybe if there are any wordpress experts out there who want to help me make this blog/site visually appealing, but for now I’m going to plow ahead on straight content. I’m getting a bunch of emails about this, [...]

PUA SuperConference World Summit Early Bird Special Ends SUNDAY July 31

If you’re still on the fence about attending the PUA SuperConference World Summit this year, now’s the time to make a call, since the early bird pricing ends on July 31. Check it out, here: http://www.pua-superconference.com and watch this video of ABC Nightline taking their best shot to bring down last year’s SuperConference…and failing:

Infield Video: 5 Minute Pull Back to Hotel

A bunch of you have asked me about the Braddock & Daxx infield video that is scheduled for the SuperConference next weekend. (Click on that link to see the agenda and what I’m talking about) I didn’t want to say anything — I believe in underpromising and overdelivering — until I knew for sure that [...]

Super Conference Price Rise

Price goes up for the last few Super Conference tickets this Friday, October 1 – so be sure to look at the agenda and description before then to see if the Super Conference is for you. Want to go but can’t afford it? Head over right now to the Super Conference contest on The Attraction [...]

Super Conference Agenda Revealed!

This will probably show up in a few days as a nicely-formatted PDF on the Super Conference page – in the meantime, I know this is highly-anticipated every year and should satisfy all the guys emailing & calling. Thursday, October 14 (optional, not part of SC package) Full Inner Game Seminar with Braddock and Mr [...]