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The Truth About Routines: Revealing ‘The Naturals Way of Being’

(Read the original article here.) The advice in this article forms part of the Love Systems Inner Game Seminar. It is an important part of getting better with women and in your social interactions in general.   Background   There is a lot of negative publicity about using routines in social interactions. Most instructors don’t […]

My favorite line for 2014

(Read the original article here.) Imagine if I wrote you a letter that started like this… “Jeff, I’ve got the most BADASS MAGIC LINE for you… I’m going to turn you into a Casanova Cavalier Rockstar with women if you use this…… ….. ….. … Have a nice day.” You’d be disappointed (and maybe a […]

Day Game Field Report -> Day Game Lay Report

Read Part 1 of this day game field report here. Read comments on Part 1 from Mr M (top pick up artist and the official mentor for this client) here. This is all reposted directly from the Love Systems Lounge Now that we’re up to speed… Hi guys, this is a continuation of my previous […]

Opinion Openers

Opinion Openers Guest post from a member of the Love Systems community! The best way to learn something is often to have to break it down and explain it to others. If you’re a decent writer and want to work with us on defining terms and writing articles like this, please email me. You’re out […]

The Ring Finger Routine needs to be changed, I guess

So there’s been this idea that if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, that implies an excess of testosterone exposure when in the womb. That’s been linked to risk-taking, ADD in children, athletic success, etc. According to the June 12th Economist, it turns out that this might have nothing to do with […]

Love Systems’ Routines Manual

I realize I didn’t post at all in December. Partly because I have a girlfriend I’m happy with, so my adventures have gone down a bit. Dating science, in a practical sense, is going to be catch-and-release for a while for me. I can do everything but take the fish home and eat it. I […]