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The right music DOUBLES your chances of getting a date

I need still to go through this more thoroughly, but this is a study worth some attention. It’s got a reasonable sample size and reasonable methodology and pretty dramatic results. If I understood it correctly (and I do need to read it again when I get more time), it seemed to show that women were […]

Looks like the packages are starting to come in…

Judging by the now-active review thread for Social Circle mastery, it looks like people are starting to get their copies of the Social Circle Mastery Home Study Course. Here’s what people are saying so far: From Suey: I thought I knew how to use a social circle to get more women in my life. Turns […]


You meet her. You like each other. You get her phone number. You call. She doesn’t answer. You leave a voicemail. Except you shouldn’t. Two of the best dating coaches in the world, Braddock (ranked #2 in 2010) and Mr M go into a lot of depth in the Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text […]

Pick up and hook up on Spring Break

It’s that time of year again. Check out this classic article from Braddock on picking up and hooking up on Spring Break – from the Cancun master himself! Spring Break Pick Up – Basic Introduction – By Braddock Before you go At your hotel Pre-parties At the club: Approaching At the club: Taking it to […]

Savoy 1, Mr. M 0

I’ve been in London the past few days, hanging out with Mr. M, Braddock, and Rokker, helping out with their bootcamp this weekend, which has been amazing. I wish everyone could see the transformation that students undergo between the first and the last day of the bootcamp. I’m also here to evaluate potential new instructors. […]

Female Psychology

I didn’t want to announce this until I was sure I could make it, but now I can make it official. I’ll be at the Mr. M and Braddock‘s bootcamp in Los Angeles in two weeks (April 25-27). I’m on deadline for the book so I won’t be able to be there for the whole […]